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24-25 April 2014, Moscow

Многоуважаемые коллеги! Мне бы хотелось выразить свою искреннюю благодарность за всю ту организационную работу, которую Вы все делали до, во время и после Форума, чтобы он стал как можно более полезным, приятным и интересным для нас всех. Организация была превосходна во всех отношениях. Особенно хотелось бы сказать спасибо всем студентам-волонтерам, которые нам помогали, и тем, которые с таким талантом выступали на концерте. Все вузы-организаторы встречали нас дружески и гостеприимно, и я уверен, что у всех участников Форума сохранятся самые хорошие впечатление и самые добрые воспоминания.
С глубоким уважением и наилучшими пожеланиями,
Франсис Кинг
Dr Francis King Lecturer in Modern European History School of History University of East Anglia

Уважаемые участники Оргкомитета, Выражаем свою благодарность за высокий уровень организации работы Глобального университетского форума. Желаем Вам добра, здоровья, удачи и успехов!
С уважением,
Светлана Кантарелли
Помощник руководителя - переводчик CLUSTERNANOTECH LTD
Svetlana Cantarelli
Technical chemical synthesis CNT Lab srl (Fidenza) Italy

Уважаемые организаторы, С большим удовольствием я участвовал в форуме Global University Summit 2014 in Moscow. Все выступающие и модераторы были на высоком уровне. Заботливые волонтеры в аэропорту, отели, великолепные рауты, участие высокопоставленных лиц Российской Федерации, знакомства с учеными всего мира в профессиональном и личном плане, и отличная погода в Москве – все это будет долго в моем сердце. Большое спасибо за все. Надеюсь на продолжение сотрудничества и новые контакты с участниками форума.
С уважением,
Зденек Пеничка
VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

Dear members of the Organizing Committee. Thank you all for a very interesting conference, and for a wonderful organization! Even the weather has been perfect. In this complex times, it was good to meet and talk with people from various countries, Russia and others.
Best wishes,
Annick Suzor-Weiner, Professeur Université Paris-Sud,

Dear Organizing Committee, dear All, My warmest thanks and congratulations to the Organizing Committee members, for the outstanding organization of the two day Global University Summit. Experts and scholars from different backgrounds and horizons were able to meet and discuss topics of common interest, and essential to our global society. Many thanks also to MGIMO and to partner universities faculty, staff and students, which have contributed significantly to the success of this project, making each meeting a moment of collective reflection and growth, and the participants stay very enjoyable!
Best Regards,
Gabriella Mazzini
HEC Paris International Development Department Head Russia & E.M.E.A

Dear Organizing Committee We all have to thank you for your hard work, organisational skill and subtle diplomacy in organising such an interesting event. A great array of speakers, well-conceived panels and other events, and an absolutely brilliant student musical performance to conclude the Summit! I had only been to Moscow once before, many years ago, and was glad that we also had some time to rediscover your fascinating city. Thank you all.
Best wishes
Professor Dr.Francis SNYDER C.V. Starr Professor of Law and EU Jean Monnet Chair ad personam Co-Director, Centre for Research on Transnational Law Peking University School of Transnational Law, Shenzhen Graduate School, China; Formerly Centennial Professor, London School of Economics; Visiting Professor, College of Europe, Bruges (since 1988))

Dear Organizing Committee, Thank you for your wonderful and brilliant arrangement of the Global University Summit. It has reflected your professionalism and hospitality. We had so enjoyed the rich content of the topics and well organized events with a widest range of scholars, experts and officials. Especially I appreciate those students and assistants who have done their effort to make the event successful. Yes! Thank you all.
Best Regards,
WU Fei (吳非)
Professor of JiNan University Researcher at Charhar Institute

Dear members of the organising committee, Thanks for the perfect organisation of this wonderful event. I enjoyed it very much.
Best regards,
Peter Van Elsuwege
professor of European Union law Ghent University

Dear Organizing Committee, Thank-you very much for your kind invitation and it was a fascinating event for me. I was very impressed with the host universities and it was useful and interesting to me to see how you operate.
Best Wishes
Dr Richard Harvey
Academic Director of Admissions and Internationalisation

Dear Organising Committee, Thank you again for such an interesting conference and for giving me the opportunity to take part! It was a pleasure to join you and I hope you feel happy with the way everything turned out.
With All Best Wishes,
Ian Kearns
Director European Leadership Network (ELN)

Dear Organizers, Friends: You produced an amazing event that permitted professors and administrators from all over the world to interact and share opinions and ideas through a well-programmed, well-organized series of events that were in all respects enlightened and exciting. I enjoyed visiting your famous universities and tasteful receptions in such beautiful old buildings, and thoroughly enjoyed Prince Igor as Borodin is one of my favorite composers. That was a wonderful treat! And finally I must complement you on the skillful use of student volunteers that were at all times very helpful and charming. The concluding musical put the final touch on a fantastic Summit, by drawing our attention to the youths that we all hope to serve well our profession -- they are OUR future. Thank you so much for including me in this unrivaled Summit held in the great city of Moscow.
All best regards!
Professor Judith Palmer Harik
President, Matn University retired Professor of politics at The American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Dear Organizing Committee, Thank you so much for your wonderful and excellent arrangement of the Global University Summit especially in those times when an ongoing dialogue is of outmost importance. It has reflected your professionalism and hospitality. We could so enjoy the rich content of the topics and the well organized events with a wide range of scholars, experts and officials. Especially we appreciated the great work of the volunteers (students) who have done their very best to make this event a big success. The final music performance of the students was state of the art. Again, thank you very much.
Best wishes from Reutlingen, Germany.
Prof. Baldur H. Veit, LL.D.
Mitglied des erweiterten Präsidiums/University Executive Internationalisation Hochschule Reutlingen - Reutlingen University

Dear Organizing Committee Members, I wish to express here my warmest thanks and congratulations for the remarkable organization of the two days Global University Summit. Experts and scholars from different backgrounds and horizons were able to meet and discuss topics of common interest, and vital to our global society. Many thanks also to all the collaborators of MGIMO and the partner universities, which significantly contributed to the success of this project, making of every meeting a moment of collective reflection and growth, and participants' stay also very enjoyable.
Best Regards,
Gabriella Mazzini
HEC Paris International Development Department Head Russia & E.M.E.A

Dear Friends and Colleagues, many thanks for the invitation to a splendid meeting. It has been greatly organized and the sessions have been extremely interesting for me and many other colleagues I have talked to. I hope we shall soon have other opportunities for meeting again. Meanwhile, all the best and thanks again for this beautiful endeavour!
Max Guderzo
Ordinario di Storia delle relazioni internazionali, Cattedra Jean Monnet in Storia dell'unificazione europea, Università di Firenze,

Dear Conference Team! So many thanks for a most interesting conference and outstanding preparation and administration ! What wonderful tribute to you all and the next generation!
With all good wishes from Princeton,
Prof Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, D.Laws, Ph.D.
Founding Director Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination at Princeton University

Dear Organisers, I am back in the US now and wanted to thank you for the excellent organization of the Global University Summit that was the forum for many interesting discussions.
With best wishes,
Bernd Widdig, Ph.D
Director of International Affairs Office of the Provost Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dear Organisers, Thank you sincerely for the extraordinarily high level of support you provided for my trip to Moscow to attend the GUS.
Salvatore Babones
Associate Professor of Sociology & Social Policy The University of Sydney

Dear Committee of the Global University Summit, We, Catalina Moisescu and Katja Plachov, would sincerely like to thank you for the wonderful conference in Moscow on 24-25 April 2014. We are grateful for having attended academic discussions not only in the panels but also during coffee-breaks and lunches with distinguished participants from all over the world. It was an honour to attend such a high-level event that provided important contacts between institutions and participants. Thank you very much again for the very generous hospitality in Moscow.
Catalina Moisescu and Katja Plachov
Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies

Dear Organisers, I want to once again for the invitation and the like to good organization. I hope that we will cooperate in the future.
Best regards,
Stevica Dedjanski
Megatrend University - Belgrade

Dear GUS organizers dear friends at MGIMO Once back to Milan let me hereby express my gratitude for hosting me during the GUS 2014. It was a truly enriching opportunity during which I had the chance to attend oustanding held by high calibre speakers. I was also delighted and impressed by the very high level of professionalism and by the perfect organization. Hence, thanks again so much on behalf of Bocconi University I do hope to be able to be back soon and/or to welcome you soon to Milan
Paolo Cancelli
Global Alliances, Manager Università Bocconi Markets & External Affairs

Dear Organisers, I would like to thank you very much for the invitation to the Global University Summit 2014, the perfect organization and the great hospitality.
Annett Wulkow
Personal Assistant to the Rector TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Dear Organisers, Thank you very much for helping me during my stay in your beautiful country. I was very enjoyed in the summit and I met in Moscow very nice Russian people. It is a good example of friendship between people from all over the world.
Prof. Azzouz Kerdoun
Vice-Chairperson of the committee on Economic, social and cultural Rights of the United Nations

Dear Organizers, Thank you for all of your excellent assistance with this event. I was very, very impressed with the level of organization and the very high quality of the program. You should be very proud!
Best regards,
Barbara McFadden Allen
Executive Director Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)