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24-25 April 2014, Moscow
Venue - MSU

Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the most famous, prestigious and oldest institutions of higher education in Russia. Its history counts almost 260 years since its foundation in 1755. MSU is the guiding line, sample and example to follow for all the education system in Russia since its foundation till the present time. Superiority of MSU is confirmed by international rankings. Its graduates are highly regarded worldwide. There are many organized clubs and associations of graduates all over the world, the most influential of them are settled in Canada, USA and Germany. Currently the university employs more than 6000 highly qualified professors and support staff. Total number of MSU students exceeds 40,000; besides, about 10,000 high school students attend various clubs and courses at MSU. MSU can be truly called a dream for curious and highly motivated young people. Having a historical contribution to the world of science and education, MSU develops and improves its programs of education and raises level of education annually. Moreover, in the last decade, territory of MSU doubled, that opened up new and unique possibilities. New academic edifices like Modern medical center and Fundamental library confirming with all existent standards were built. New dormitory and unique scientific and technological cluster is being designed and constructed.

First in Russia.
Lomonosov Moscow State University is the first Russian University by its occurrence, outstanding accomplishments and its importance to the Russian education and science. Names of famous scientists of the past and presence are inextricably linked with this treasury of knowledge, culture and science. MSU special status is affirmed by the right to introduce own educational standards, hold own entrance examinations and certification test.

Truly International
Every year Moscow University enrolls above 7 000 international students and postgraduates from all over the world. Foreign students can receive degrees not only in Moscow, but also in five branches, located in successfully developing countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

General recognition
MSU is the only university in Russia, which holds high positions in prestigious international educational rankings. Fundamental science of MSU received worldwide recognition a long time ago. MSU is a centre of research science famous for its major scientific schools. There have been 11 Nobel Prize winners among its professors and alumni, out of 18 Russians who have received the prestigious prize so far. Many more MSU scientists have been awarded various Soviet and Russian prizes for their achievements, among them 60 Lenin Prizes and 120 State Prizes, over 40 MSU scientists having received the State Prizes over the last decade.

A Wide Selection of Educational Programs
Its undergraduates may choose one of 128 qualifications in its 41 faculties, while post-graduate students may specialize in 18 branches of science and humanities and in 168 different areas.
Among those who teach and do research at MSU there are 2,500 higher doctoral degree holders and almost 6,000 holders of candidate degrees, the total number of professors and instructors being about 5,000; there are over 300 full members and correspondent members of he Russian Academy of Sciences and other academies.. About 4,500 scientists and scholars are currently involved in 350 research projects in various fields.

Comfortable Infrastructure and Concern for Every Student
Since 1953, most of the faculties have been situated on Sparrow Hills. Nevertheless three faculties ate located in the original historical building of MSU in the center of Moscow. At the same time MSU territory is continually expanding. Presently a new dormitory is under construction. It provides for all types of facilities and equipment for education and active student life: conference hall, dining halls, gym, lounges, dedicated Internet access. Ground floors in the new building are accommodated for handicapped citizens.

System of Libraries and Facilities for Self-Tuition
The library of MSU is the second-largest in Russia by volume. The complex of libraries counts 16 buildings. And the stock consists 10 million books, including more than two million in foreign languages. This is where students and professors can find rare books and documents collected in a special department of the library. The new building of library has already become a cultural center of the University of Moscow. In addition there is housed a collection of paintings and graphics of Russian artists of XIX - early XX centuries, presented for MSU.

A Club of Friends
Academic, scientific and cultural life of the university is incredibly rich. There is an International Student Club, which was created with the purpose to help foreign students with adaptation to life in Moscow. The main goal of the club is to afford students from different countries an opportunity to meet each other, find friends among Russian students and learn more about Moscow and Russia. The club is gaining popularity among foreign and Russian students increasingly more. Moscow state university is a truly opened educational institution, it is opened to new ideas, new technologies, and what is most important - new people.